​​​​Welcome to the BitTitan Technical Office Hours. These recurring monthly online meetings are facilitated by our own Sales Engineering team, and are designed to focus on our SMB Partners' needs. During the call, you will learn more about BitTitan products, new features, and solutions. You will also find out about upcoming products, updates, and events.

One of the things Partners like best about the BitTitan Technical Office Hours is the open forum opportunity, where they can ask both general and specific technical questions about their own business issues. Are you having trouble with your migration? Do you need some guidance? Ask the experienced Sales Engineer dedicated to your region. You can even attend Sessions facilitated by Sales Engineering team members from other regions if you want to. Everyone on any call will benefit from the answers to Partner questions.


Schedule and presenters

The BitTitan Technical Office Hours are held on Tuesdays, presented by different Sales Engineers, depending on the region.

United States United Kingdom Europe LATAM (in Spanish) APAC Canada

First and third Tuesdays,


First Tuesday, 2 PM GMTThird Tuesday, 2 PM GMTSecond Tuesday, 2 PM ESTFourth Tuesday, 2 PM UTC+9Fourth​ Tuesday, 2 PM CST


Facilitated by PJ Germain. PJ is known for his effective methodology and project planning in the the migration process. His strengths include Office 365 and DeploymentPro.


Facilitated by Alberto Nunes. Alberto has experience with projects related to Unified Messaging and Office 365. His strengths include Exchange migration and scripting.


Facilitated by James Corbishley. James has experience with large-scale enterprise email migrations. His strengths include Identity, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365.


Facilitated by Pablo Galan Sabugo. Pablo was a senior support engineer at BitTitan before moving into the Sales Engineer team. He is an expert in trouble-shooting migration projects, from any source to any destination, and any type of migration!


Facilitated by Darrell Webster. Darrell is a Microsoft Office 365 MVP. Darrell’s strengths include Office 365 and SharePoint.


Facilitated by Kelsey Epps. Kelsey is a Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP. Kelsey's strengths include Office 365, Identity, and Exchange.

iCalendar file for the first Tuesday

iCalendar file for the third Tuesday


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How to add sessions to your calendar

Take advantage of our entire Sales Engineering team; you can subscribe to sessions in any (or all) of the BitTitan regions. Check out the regional calendar .ics files, which contain the recurring meetings in the correct time zone.

Here's how to import these recurring meetings into your Outlook calendar:

  1. Click the iCalendar file link for the session you want to attend.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. If you have Outlook installed, a calendar invitation window will open.
    Note: If a calendar invitation window does not open, drag the downloaded file to your Outlook calendar.
  4. Click Accept to add the invitation to your calendar.