BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure provides detailed readiness reporting, cost analysis, and planning tools to convince your customers to adopt Azure. Help customers migrate from SQL servers at end of life or end of support before issues arise. Start the conversation with confidence—no expertise required. Selling Azure is a great way to diversify your business. HealthCheck for Azure is part of the Azure Starter Kit suite of products. Visit the HealthCheck for Azure page for more information.


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Next Steps

  • Bundle with the following BitTitan products to generate recurring monthly revenue:
    • Cloud Storage Migration automates the migration of large amounts of unstructured data from on-premises or Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure.
    • Database Migration assesses On-Premises SQL databases and migrates compatible databases to Azure SQL with a few clicks.
    • BitTitan Concierge is a 24/7 help desk service staffed by experts at a low, per-user cost.