This video will show you how Bit​Titan solution​s can better accommodate your IT Service Provider business. Using the solution framed by the process of Scan, Remediate, Migrate, and Configure, you will be able to assess and manage issues up front, perform your migrations, and configure your project successfully.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Viewing Tips

For optimal viewing, use Internet Explorer to watch the video. This will allow you to jump to any part of the video (either using the Table of Contents or the scrollbar), play it in full screen mode, and avoid any lag. Google Chrome and Firefox are supported for viewing, but will not support these specific viewing features.  


  • When scrolling with the scroll bar,​ you have to wait until that portion of the video has loaded before you can move to it.
  • There may be minor differences between the front end of the Migratio​nWiz UI and what you see in this video. Our front end team is continually improving the end user experience to make MigrationWiz more intuitive and even easier to use.​

​​Slide Deck

​You can move through the video's slide deck at your own pace. At the bottom right of the PowerPoint preview window and to the left of the "Full Screen" button, you can also "Download a Copy".​


Narrator: James Burdon
Subject Matter Expert: Jethro Seghers
Video written and produced by the BitTitan Knowledge Management Team ​​

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