HealthCheck for Azure makes it easy to sell Azure. You get detailed reporting, cost analysis, and tools you need to help your customers make the move to Azure. Your customers save on infrastructure management costs and keep their applications, databases, and storage secure, and you add a new recurring revenue stream to your Microsoft business.


HealthCheck for Azure scans your customers’ physical and virtual machines, calculates the cost to move servers or workloads to Azure, and provides detailed reporting about each node.

With Assess, you can:

  • Start the conversation about Azure with your customer
  • Get a snapshot of all your customer’s virtual and physical servers, on-premises or hosted
  • Project the cost of running all or part of a customer’s environment in Azure
  • See detailed reporting about CPU, network throughput, and storage by node
  • Access a downloadable Assessment Report to share with your customer


HealthCheck for Azure helps you prepare for migration by mapping dependencies between nodes and applications, determining the cloud readiness for each server, and choosing the right settings for a smooth migration.

With Plan, you can:

  • See a visual mapping of all infrastructure, grouped by workload
  • Learn dependencies between the various nodes and apps for migration
  • Determine the cloud readiness of each node
  • Set up optimal migration settings and firewall rules



Note: There may be differences between the user interface shown in this video and the user interface in MSPComplete. We are continually improving the user experience to make our platform more intuitive and easier to use.

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