This video provides a breakdown of all the steps to be followed when performing a mailbox migration project from On-Premises Exchange to Office 365. It also includes the steps to be followed to automate the configuration of Outlook profiles, using the legacy version of DeploymentPro.



Note: There may be differences between the user interface shown in this video and the user interface in MSPComplete. We are continually improving the user experience to make our platform more intuitive and easier to use.

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Migration Checklist

  • 3 weeks before MX cutover:
    • Prepare source environment
      • Set up admin account
      • Disable throttling against this admin account
    • Prepare destination environment:
      • Provision users in Office365 and assign SKUs – Do not use DirSync or AADSync for account creation. You can however enable it (including password synch) after accounts have been fully created.
    • Create MW project
    • Add users
    • Set advanced options (for Exchange to Office365: set to use impersonation at destination, and lower number of concurrent migrations to, for example, 50)
    • Run credential verification
    • Run BitTitan Health Check
    • Install Office version
  • 2 weeks before MX cutover:
    • Begin pre stage migration pass – mail only, older than 90 days.
    • Install DeploymentPro agent on user's machines
  • Day of migration:
    • Change over MX records (+ add cname for autodiscover)
    • Run delta pass
    • Within your DeploymentPro portal, click on "Configure Outlook" button
  • 1st week after migration:
    • Perform another delta migration to pick up any residual mail still routed to old source server
    • Run retry errors
    • Email statistics report for review​