1. Click on Site Contents to navigate to where pages are located.


 2. Click on the Pages "App" that contains the folders of the pages.


 3. Click on the Partner Portal Folder.


4. (a) Download the template page to your computer.  


 4. (b) Continue.


4. (c) Continue.  


 4. (d) Click save to finish download.


 5. Duplicate if necessary for multiple pages and rename the template page.


 6. Navigate to the folder you want the pages to be contained in.


 7. Drag and drop the downloaded pages into the folder.


 8. Navigate to the renamed template page to edit.


9. Make the necessary edits and publish the page.


 10. Hyperlink the page on the Partner Portal Main page.


11. Navigate to the document in the Partner Portal folder and click insert.


12. Click publish to save your edits.