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Add, edit, and switch workgroups

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:35 AM
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​​​​​​​​​​​Using workgroups, you can create separate sets of customer, user, and member information. This lets you set up security boundaries within your organization or accommodate different subscription billing needs. The following sections outline the reasons for creating workgroups, explain the requirements for using workgroups, and guide you through the process of setting them up.



Workgroup basics

By dividing customers into workgroups, you can accommodate different security or financial requirements. Workgroups are useful for large organizations that deliver services across different geographical regions or that need to purchase MSPComplete subscriptions using separate billing methods.


Creating new​ workgroups is optional

​If you do not create additional workgroups, all MSPComplete data falls within your default workgroup, which can be renamed. Using a single workgroup is often adequate for smaller service delivery organizations​.​​

Workgroups do no​​​t share data

Because a workgroup creates a security boundary within MSPComplete, all customer records, subscription information, member accounts, and scheduled services are contained within the selected workgroup. ​

Important: You cannot copy or move any information across workgroups using the MSPComplete interface.


Each workgroup has a different credit card bi​​lling setup

Workgroups use separate billing mechanisms for purchasing subscriptions and licenses. For example, if you need to use two separate credit cards to purchase subscriptions, you can set up two separate workgroups.


Distributor coupons cover all wo​​rkgroups

If you purchase subscriptions from a distributor, you can buy a block of subscriptions and choose how to allocate the subscriptions among different workgroups when you redeem the distributor’s coupon.


Members have a default workgroup and can be invited to join other workgroups

Every MSPComplete member has a default, personal workgroup and can be invited to join other workgroups. Suppose that you invite someone to become a manager for a workgroup you have set up. The new member will join your workgroup but also have a default workgroup that can be used for testing purposes. The member can move between the two workgroups using the selector at the top of the left navigation pane.


Examples of reasons to set u​​p workgroups

The following are some possible reasons for setting up workgroups:

  • Create a test group for training purposes. Because workgroup data is fully contained within the workgroup, a test workgroup provides a useful means for training service personnel before exposing them to actual customer information.

    Tip: To assist with training, each workgroup provides three (3) free subscriptions that members can use to test service delivery.
  • Comply with security or financial regulations. If you deliver services in regions that impose policies for keeping customer information self-contained, you can set up regional workgroups to comply with those regulations.
  • Compartmentalize customers for security or convenience. Because MSPComplete members see only the information for the workgroups they belong to, you can set up workgroups to give your IT personnel access to only those customers they provide services for.


Questions and answers

What’s the difference between a workgroup, a group, and a team?

  • A workgroup comprises a set of customers — for example, customers in a region you designate “East Coast.” Workgroups separate customers by certain criteria, such as the need to purchase subscriptions using different billing methods. ­­­­
  • A group is a set of users you combine into a unit to facilitate service delivery for a customer. For example, you can create a group for new employees who need onboarding services run for them when their jobs start. You may change the users in this group as often as is necessary, or delete the group when you no longer need it.
  • A team is a set of IT professionals, typically your own personnel, who perform service tasks for the customers within a workgroup.

How many workgroups can I set up?

Each MSPComplete member can swi​tch between a maximum of ten (10) workgroups.


Do I need to set up workgroups before I bring customers onboard?

No. You can define new workgroups as your business grows, but keep in mind that data cannot be transferred from one workgroup to another, so you should consider workgroup possibilities carefully before you bring on customers.


Do I need to create new workgroups at all?

No. If you do not create additional workgroups, all MSPComplete data falls within the default workgroup. New members can be invited to join that workgroup.


Can I rename the default workgroup?

Yes. Do this by clicking Settings and editing the workgroup. Even if you do not set up additional workgroups, it is good practice to rename the default workgroup.


Can I purchase subscriptions the same way for each workgroup?

Yes. For example, you can use the same credit card for all subscription billing across all workgroups. However, you must enter this billing information for each workgroup separately.


Can I buy a block of subscriptions and disburse them between workgroups?

No. When you purchase subscriptions from a distributor, you can redeem the coupon in a single workgroup.


Can I move unassigned subscriptions between workgroups?

Yes. If you have purchased subscriptions from a distributor and you need to move unassigned subscriptions to a different workgroup, you can generate a coupon for the licenses and allocate the subscriptions to a different workgroup when you redeem the coupon.


Do bulk subscription discounts apply across all workgroups?

No. A bulk discount for subscriptions purchased through BitTitan is based on the total number of subscriptions within the workgroup. You may pay different prices for subscriptions depending on the number of users you have in each workgroup.


Can I reuse my custom services across workgroups?

No. Custom services remain in the workgroup where they are created. All custom services must be set up, scheduled, and run separately in each workgroup.


Can an MSPComplete member work in multiple workgroups?

Yes, but the member must be invited to join each workgroup separately. The member’s account information, including name and role, may be different in each of the member’s workgroups.


Does a member automatically have the same role in each workgroup?

No, the person who invites the member to join a workgroup selects the member’s role when sending the invitation. For example, a member can be a manager in one workgroup and an agent in another.


Can I set up the same teams in different workgroups?

Yes, you can manually replicate team membership across workgroups if each member has been invited to join each workgroup. However, MSPComplete does not allow you to duplicate team information across workgroups automatically.


Can I view feed, dashboard, and reporting information for multiple workgroups?

No, your feed, dashboard, and reporting information reflects only the workgroup you have currently selected.


Can I delete a workgroup?

No, workgroups cannot be deleted. They can only be renamed.


Create a workgroup

An administrator can create a new workgroup by using the workgroup settings.

  1. Click Add > Workgroup in the top navigation bar.
  2. Enter the workgroup name.
  3. If your account was approved for distributor licensing when you registered for MSPComplete, there is a box for I do not want to purchase licenses through a Distributor.
  • Leave the box unchecked If you want to purchase subscriptions through a distributor.
  • Click this box to add a checkmark and indicate that you want to purchase licenses directly using a credit card.
  1. In the optional Set Default member rate (per hour) field, you can enter a standard hourly pay rate for members. This number, which can be changed on a member-by-member basis as described in the People article, is used in MSPComplete reports to determine the costs of delivering services.
  2. If you have set up credit card billing and are in a region that is not charged in U.S. dollars (USD) by default, you can click the check box for I would like to be charged in USD. If you do not check this, your credit card is billed in the accepted currency for your region. Read the Subscription billing article for details.
  3. Click Save.


Edit a workgroup

After a workgroup is created, you can edit it to change its name or to change the billing method used to purchase subscriptions for customers within the workgroup.

  1. Select the appropriate workgroup at the top of the left navigation pane.
  2. Click Settings in the left navigation pane.
  3. On the Workgroups page, click Edit.
  4. In the form that appears, enter the new workgroup name.
  5. Change options as necessary (see Create a workgroup).
  6. Click Save.

    Important: Existing workgroups cannot be deleted.