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Why are my migration statistics not accurate?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:35 AM
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​​​Why are my migration statistics not accurate?


In certain project configurations, the statistics reported to MigrationWiz may not correctly reflect the number of items migrated​. Specifically, migrating to recoverable items, or using a folder mapping and migrating many folders into one, will cause the reported stats in MigrationWiz to be incorrect.

For example, you have three folders in your Source with 10 items each:
Folder A: 10 items
Folder B: 10 items
Folder C: 10 items

You want to migrate these items to one folder in the Destination, which is currently empty:

Folder ABC: 0 items

When the migration is started, MigrationWiz will first check the Destination for previously migrated items, in an attempt to prevent duplicates. As there are no items found, Folder A migrates 10 items to Folder ABC. MigrationWiz will display it migrated 10 items for Folder A.

Next, MigrationWiz moves on to Folder B and does the same check in the Destination, only this time it finds 10 items. Since these items are not duplicates, we take note and then migrate the 10 items found in Folder B. MigrationWiz will display it migrated 20 items for Folder B.

Finally, completing the migration for Folder C, MigrationWiz finds 20 previously migrated items, and these are again different, so it takes note and then migrates the remaining 10 items. MigrationWiz will display it migrated 30 items for Folder C.

After the migration completes, Folder ABC in the Destination has 30 items, as expected. However, the stats in MigrationWiz do not correctly reflect the number of items migrated; instead, they are an aggregate of all items migrated up to that point in the migration.