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Why are Lotus Notes items showing different read status between Source and Destination?

Last Update: 3/18/2016 2:24 PM

​Why are Lotus Notes items showing different read status between Source and Destination?​​​​



If an admin opens a Lotus Notes mailbox at the migration​​ Source, the read status may be different than that of the same item(s) in the migrations Destination mailbox.

In every database, Lotus Notes keeps track of each document that every user has read. Each database stores the list of unread documents in an Unread ID Table within the NSF file. This table is user-specific and is stored within the NSF file in a special structure named with the hierarchical user name to which it applies.

​There is one table per username, per database. Because there is a unique table per username, the read/unread for documents inside an NSF database is unique to each user viewing the database. This means if an Admin opens a mailbox in an NSF, they will not see the same read/unread status as a different user accessing the same NSF.​