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What's new for MigrationWiz users?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:35 AM
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For MigrationWiz users, the new version of MSPComplete brings many changes designed to deliver managed services effectively. This article explains these changes and guides you through the transition process for using the new MSPComplete.



Differences between MigrationWiz and the new MSPComplete

The following sections explain how changes to MSPComplete affect business strategies and workflows for MigrationWiz users.


An integrated platform for customer management

MSPComplete gives you an integrated, end-to-end service delivery platform that you can use to manage your customers’ daily IT needs. In addition to the familiar BitTitan migration tools, it provides a wealth of new services that simplify and streamline your business, helping you stay current with the changing service delivery landscape. You’ll be able to accomplish far more with MSPComplete than you could with MigrationWiz.


Simplified licensing through subscriptions

Instead of licensing each product separately, MSPComplete simplifies licensing by introducing one-year, renewing subscriptions that you purchase for each employee you manage for your customers. Most of the familiar services, as well as the new ones BitTitan is building, are covered by subscriptions. A few premium products and services can be licensed for a one-time fee or a small additional charge for each subscribed user.


A collaborative workspace for service delivery

MSPComplete is designed to be a multi-user system that your entire IT staff works with daily to receive service assignments and coordinate tasks. Using MSPComplete, you can schedule a service in advance and assign the service tasks to your IT personnel. When the service starts, MSPComplete tracks the progress of each task, reminding members when new tasks are slated to begin or when they are overdue.


A central repository of instructions and automation

The MSPComplete interface provides comprehensive instructions for carrying out service tasks. In many cases, it includes PowerShell scripts that automate tasks. This helps you to train personnel and deploy services quickly. You can also create customized services from scratch, or by building on existing BitTitan services. Your valuable intellectual property is readily available to your staff while remaining secure within the interface.


Tools for running your business more efficiently

MSPComplete provides far more than the nuts and bolts of service delivery. It helps you to run your business more efficiently by giving you a critical overview of operations through the Customer Dashboard, a detailed account of system tasks with the Personal Feed, and access to service cost information through the reporting functions.


Tips for moving to the new MSPComplete

MSPComplete provides a wealth of new features that you will pick up as you adopt the new platform. As you move to MSPComplete, keep the following points in mind. These will help you adapt your existing operations to the new interface and workflows.


Run migrations from within MSPComplete

Cloud migrations work the same way as they did in MigrationWiz, but you now carry out the migration steps from within MSPComplete. The new interface incorporates the existing migration guides and divides migrations into separate tasks that you can assign to your IT personnel. For more information, read the Introduction to services and tasks article.


Review subscription policies

The subscriptions FAQ explains the new subscription and licensing policies. Review this information to learn the important points about the new MSPComplete licensing procedures. The FAQ provides links to the articles that explain how to set up billing, purchase subscriptions, and assign subscriptions to users.


Determine if you need to set up workgroups

MSPComplete workgroups set up security boundaries between customer information. Your existing customer records are imported into your default workgroup, which you can rename, and cannot be moved to another workgroup. You may not need to create new workgroups, but you should review the workgroups article before you bring on new customers to determine if creating additional workgroups will benefit your business.



Set up billing for ea​​​ch workgroup

Each workgroup defines a separate billing method for purchasi​ng subscriptions, either through a distributor or using a credit card. For more information, refer to the subscription billing article.​


Assign roles to inactive members in workgroups

Existing administrators for each customer are imported into your default workgroup in the new MSPComplete interface and may continue to manage each customer. MSPComplete also adds these administrators to the default workgroup as inactive members. You may want to activate these members by assigning them roles at the workgroup level (administrator, manager, or agent). This allows them to manage all customers within the workgroup.​ For details, read the People​ article.


Move existing licenses to th​​e workgroup

If you have multiple accounts that contain BitTitan licenses, you can move the licenses to a single workgroup by converting them to coupons and redeeming those coupons in your new workgroup. For more information, see the licenses article​​.