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What will be the name of the new profiles that DeploymentPro creates?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:32 AM
This article has been moved to our new Help Center. Please update your bookmarks.


Notice: This Knowledge Base article pertains specifically to the new version of DeploymentPro that is in the MSPComplete portal, and not to the DeploymentPro for UserActivation product.

​What will be the name of the new profiles that DeploymentPro creates​?


When DeploymentPro creates a new profile, it will follow this format:

For example, if the SMTP email address for a user equals, then the new profile will be created with the following name:



  • xxxxxxxxxx will be replaced by randomly generated unique 10-digit number.
  • This profile will be set to be the default Outlook profile.
  • From a Windows client, these profile settings can be reviewed by accessing Control Panel/Mail.
  • The previous profile will remain with the same name​, and not be deleted. However, it will no longer be the default profile.
  • If creating a profile from an existing user, the new profile will import the signature from the previous profile, reattach any PST files that were attached to the previous profile, and import cached addresses.
  • The .OST file will be created and downloaded upon first use.