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What does the Configure Outlook button do, in the DeploymentPro (legacy) portal?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:32 AM
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‚Äč‚ÄčNotice: This Knowledge Base article pertains specifically to the DeploymentPro (legacy) product, and not to the DeploymentPro product that is part of MSPComplete or DeploymentPro for UserActivation.

What does the Configure Outlook button do, in the DeploymentPro (legacy) portal?


It is important to understand exactly what the Configure Outlook button in your DeploymentPro dashboard does, and the impact that this can have on your end users.

Below is a screen shot of where you will see this button in your DeploymentPro project dashboard:

configure outlook.PNG 

When the Configure Outlook button is clicked, it updates the DeploymentPro database record that indicates when it's ready to reconfigure Outlook profiles. The locally-installed DeploymentPro agents on each end user's computer ping BitTitan servers every 10 minutes to see if the Configure Outlook button has been clicked on. Once this button has been clicked on, the next time the agents ping the BitTitan servers, they will check this database record and, if updated, they will then reconfigure Outlook profiles upon the next launch of Outlook by each end user that is part of the DeploymentPro project.

There are two common scenarios when this button should be clicked on:

  • Once you have completed the MX record cutover. After clicking this button, then the next time that the DeploymentPro agents ping BitTitan servers, they will read the database and know that it is time to configure the Outlook profiles upon the next launch of the Outlook client.
  • If you are performing a Proof of Concept and are ready for DeploymentPro to reconfigure Outlook profiles for all users that are in the user list of the DeploymentPro project.



  • If you only want to configure Outlook profiles for individual users, rather than all users, do not click on the Configure Outlook button. Instead, you can follow the steps in KB005278 to force the new Outlook profile to be created immediately, on an individual basis.
  • If you do click on the Configure Outlook button before you have completed the MX record cutover, this will cause Outlook profiles to be reconfigured for your end users upon the next launch of Outlook by each user.