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What do the MigrationWiz status types mean?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:35 AM
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​What do the MigrationWiz status types mean?


Each of the Migration Status messages refer to the various processes going on in the Migration system. The amount of time for each status is an estimation at best. Note: This is not an SLA; it is an example based on a very large sample of migration speeds.  For more information on migration speeds, see KB004686​​

Not Submitted
The migration has not been submitted, and nothing is currently happening with the item.
The migration has been submitted, and is waiting to be assigned to a migration server.  If the migration is scheduled to run at a future time, it will say "Submitted (will start in X hours)". This specific "Submitted" scenario can be paused to be rescheduled for another time. The Submitted state normally will take only a few minutes. However, it can take longer depending on some specific options, such as being scheduled for a later time, or the number of concurrent migrations. Other than migrations scheduled for a future time, migrations in the Submitted status cannot be paused.
The migration is now assigned to a migration server worker. The worker is gathering information before starting the migration. The gathered information includes information on any previous migration passes, any previous watermarks or errors. For more information on the watermarks, see KB005419. This process can take up to 15 minutes, depending on how much information is being gathered and other traffic on the migration server. Migrations in a Queued state cannot be paused. If the migration sits in Queued for longer than 40 minutes, contact Support to investigate.
Waiting for User
The migration is waiting for the user to submit User Credentials. This Status Message applies to migrations that are not set up with an Admin account on one or both endpoints. For more information, see KB004966.​ Users with the "Waiting for User" Status cannot be deleted or reset. They must be paused before any changes can be made to them. This Status will last until either the user follows the instructions in the User Credentials email, or until the migration is Paused and the credentials are cleared.
During the migrating phase, MigrationWiz attempts to connect to the Source and Destination endpoints, then scans all the folders on the Source and will try to recreate the folder structure on the Destination, and apply any foldermapping set up for the project. After all folders have been verified/created, all items on the Destination are scanned for watermarking (see KB005419) and compared to the items on the Source.  This process can take quite a while, depending on many different factors (see KB004686​). The progress bar refers to what percentage of the folders have been completed, rather than the overall progress of the migration. A better option to make sure that items are still migrating is to click on the item, then check the Migrated Items section on the next page. The total number of items will show you how many items have been migrated and the Folder Summary will tell you how many folders have been migrated out of how many total, as well as which folder is currently being migrated. Migrations that are currently in progress can be paused.
When MigrationWiz receives the command to pause (stop) the migration, the migration server will finish the current process that is being worked on, return the license (if applicable) to the available licenses on the account, and then confirm that the migration has stopped. This process can take a while, depending on the number of folders, the number of items in the folders, and where the migration is in the migration process. It is normal for "Pausing" to take as much as 30 minutes in some cases. If "Pausing" is still the status after 45 minutes, contact Support.
The process of "Pausing" has been completed, the server has confirmed that the migration has stopped.  Changes can now be made to the user or project, and the migration can be restarted.
The migration failed for some reason. The error message can be seen by clicking on the item. The migration process has been terminated, and the license (if a license was used) is returned to the available licenses on the account.