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Troubleshooting compatibility issues with Curl

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:33 AM
This article has been moved to our new Help Center. Please update your bookmarks.


During your installation, you may encounter an error that results from compatibility issues with Curl, such as this one, where the Curl error code is greater than 89:


Note: You can obtain a list of Curl exit codes here:



The problem likely stems from the fact that the Curl version that the Agent is trying to use may not be compatible with the operating system on the computer in use. To test whether your operating system is compatible with the Curl version:

  1. Restart the Agent installation.
  2. At the point where you get this error, while leaving the installation window open, open an instance of the Command Prompt.
  3. To test compatibility, type the following command:
  • On 32-bit computer:

"C:\Program Files\Cloudamize\curl.exe" -v
On 64-bit computer:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloudamize\curl.exe" -v

If unable to connect, or if the Curl executable fails to run, open a support ticket with BitTitan. (For guidance on creating a support ticket, see How do I get support for your products?

Along with your support ticket, provide the following information, which you can obtain using the following commands at the Command Prompt:

​System Value
Query Command

Operating system version

C:\> ver

​.NET version

​C:\> dir %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ | find "v"

​Processor architecture

​C:\> echo %processor_architecture%