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The specified object was not found in the store

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:31 AM
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The specified object was not found in the store.



Insufficient Permission

The most common problem when encountering this error is that the admin account does not have the correct permissions to access the mailbox.

You can verify you that have the correct permissions by performing a mailbox access test. If the permissions are correct, you should be able to see the content of Inbox of the user; otherwise OWA will respond with error messages like "You do not have access to open this mailbox".
You may grant the administrator permission accordingly to solve the issue.


Mailbox Is Hidden From The Global Address List

If the Source is Exchange 2003, and the user is hidden from the global address list, make sure that prior to migration, the user is no longer hidden:

  • Navigate to Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Open the user in question and navigate to the Exchange Advanced tab.
  • Verify that the checkbox Hide from Exchange address lists is not checked.