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How do I start a DeploymentPro (legacy) project?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:26 AM
This article has been moved to our new Help Center. Please update your bookmarks.
​Notice: This Knowledge Base article pertains specifically to the DeploymentPro (legacy) product, and not to the DeploymentPro product that is part of MSPComplete or DeploymentPro for UserActivation.​

How do I start a DeploymentPro (legacy) project?


Follow the instructions below to start a DeploymentPro project.

  1. Log in to
  2. Within the MSPComplete dashboard, select Mailbox Migration from either the All or the Onboard pillar. This will open up the MigrationWiz portal.
  3. Select Create a new Mailbox Project.
  4. Enter a name for the project.
  5. Select the Source mail system. The Source can be any Source that MigrationWiz supports. We recommend that you use admin credentials to avoid having to enter passwords for end users.
  6. Select the Destination mail system.
  7. Notes:

    • Mail systems that support DeploymentPro include: Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange (all versions, both local and hosted). All other Destination mail systems are currently not supported.
    • Be sure to use Admin credentials for your Destination. This is a requirement for DeploymentPro.   
  8. Add users through Quick Add, Bulk Add or Autodiscover Items.
  9. On the dashboard, click on the More button.
  10. From the drop-down list, select DeploymentPro. This will launch the portal for DeploymentPro.
  11. Follow the prompts in the portal to import the users into your DeploymentPro portal, install the Agent, and track Agent installation.
  12. Once you have performed your MX record cutover, go back to your DeploymentPro dashboard and click on the Configure Outlook button.
  13. Notes:

    • Licenses for DeploymentPro should be purchased from a BitTitan distribution Partner, or from the purchasing page of MigrationWiz or MSPComplete. For more information, refer to KB004647.
    • For best pricing, we recommend that you purchase the MigrationWiz-Mailbox and DeploymentPro bundle.
    • To see a timeline checklist, refer to KB004836
    • A video, which covers the entire end-to-end process for running MigrationWiz in conjunction with DeploymentPro (Legacy), can be seen here.