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How do I set a password policy for DeploymentPro (legacy)?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:33 AM
This article has been moved to our new Help Center. Please update your bookmarks.
​​Notice: This Knowledge Base article pertains specifically to the DeploymentPro (legacy) product, and not to the DeploymentPro product that is part of MSPComplete or DeploymentPro for UserActivation.

How do I set a password policy for DeploymentPro (legacy)?



In order to specify a password policy for DeploymentPro (legacy), select one of the two options below, and then customize the end user instructions. This must be set during the initial setup of the DeploymentPro project; this cannot be changed after the the project has been finalized and licenses have been assigned.

  1. Require end users to change passwords using DeploymentPro.
    • All end users are required to change their passwords for Office 365 before we can create an Outlook profile for Office 365.
  2. My users already exist in Office 365 and know their passwords. They will enter it.
    • DeploymentPro will prompt the end user to enter their password and check to make sure that it is correct before we create an Outlook profile for Office 365.
    • This option assumes two things:
      • That you have already created users in Office 365 on your own, without using UserActivation.
      • That the end users know their passwords for Office 365.

For either of these options, you can provide customized instructions to your end users.

For example, if you have chosen the option "My users already exist in Office 365..." you could instruct them to "Enter the password you use to log on to your computer" if you have used Microsoft DirSync to run Password Sync.


  • If DirSync was used, with password synchronization, to create accounts on Office 365 and synchronize the passwords, you must ensure that the local on-premises password policy complies to Office 365 password requirements. In rare cases, we have seen on-premises password policies that are less restrictive than Office 365. This causes problems when users try to log in to Office 365, if their password is non-compliant. In those cases, we recommend that the on-premises password policy be modified to match the stricter requirements on Office 365 prior to running DirSync, and users forced to change their passwords to match these requirements.
  • The Office 365 password policy is documented here.