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How do I create a customer in MSPComplete?

Last Update: 5/4/2016 3:41 PM

​How do I create a customer in MSPComplete?


To create a customer in MSPComplete:

  1. Click on All Customers on the navigation sidebar.
  2. Click on the Add Customers button. This opens the Add Customer form.
  3. In the form, enter the following:
    • Primary email domain (required)
    • Company name (required)
    • Country (optional)
    • City (optional)
    • Industry (optional)
    • Company size (optional)
  4. Click on Save.​
​​Important:  It is possible, though not recommended, to create more than one customer with the same primary email domain. However, doing so creates duplicate customer objects. Because of this, the customer information for each of the duplicates is visible only to the Partner-user who created the customer record. To provide visibility to other users, the originating Partner-user may "invite" other users to have access.