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How do I create a bucket in Amazon S3?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:31 AM
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​​How do I create a bucket in Amazon S3?


The Destination container that you define in a Cloud Storage migration must exist before starting the migration. The migration will fail if the Destination container, also known as a bucket, does not exist. You can define an existing container or create a new one for the Cloud Storage migration project.

Follow the steps below to create a new container in Amazon S3:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the S3 console.
  2. Click on Create Bucket.
  3. Give the bucket a name and ch​oose a region.

    Note: Buckets in the Frankfurt or Seoul regions cannot be used as Source or Destination containers in Cloud Migration. The project will fail with an authentication error.

    Use the bucket name as the Destination container in your Cloud Migration project. You also need the access key for the your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. To learn more about Amazon access keys, read ​KB005294: ​How do I get an access key for Amazon S3?​
  4. Click on Create.​​