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How do I configure DeploymentPro (legacy) when the primary SMTP address of my users does not match their UPN?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:32 AM
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​​​Notice: This Knowledge Base article pertains specifically to the DeploymentPro (legacy) product, and not to the DeploymentPro product that is part of MSPComplete or DeploymentPro for UserActivation.​

How do I configure DeploymentPro (legacy) ​when the primary SMTP address of my users does not match their principal name?


DeploymentPro will still be able to reconfigure the Outlook client. However, using the UPN (User Principal Name) within MigrationWiz or DeploymentPro is mandatory. If you use the primary SMTP address in MigrationWiz, you are going to have to bulk change it during the import of the users in DeploymentPro.

DeploymentPro works in conjunction with a mailbox migration project.  It is important to understand the workflow and where to identify the addresses being used.

What target addresses can be used in MigrationWiz in this scenario?
You can use the primary SMTP address in your MigrationWiz project for DeploymentPro OR the UPN.  Both should work, as the UPN should be a secondary SMTP address on the Destination (Office 365).

Primary SMTP:





What addresses should I have in DeploymentPro for the tool to work?
Within DeploymentPro, the Destination address should always be the UPN.  
If you are using the primary SMTP address in MigrationWiz, you should bulk change it to the UPN when you import the users. 

The SMTP address on the Destination within MigrationWiz may appear like this:


How to Bulk Edit the Destination address when creating the DeploymentPro project:

Launch the DeploymentPro dashboard and click on the Bulk Edit link as shown below:



Within the Bulk Edit window, you will see the SMTP addresses in the Destination email column:



You can then manually change each to the UPN, or download the CSV and change in bulk, and then click on the Save button:



After saving, click on Done to return to the DeploymentPro dashboard:



Subsequent to the Bulk Edit, click on Continue as you normally would to proceed.



If you choose to use primary SMTP instead of UPN during the DeploymentPro Outlook reconfiguration, the Guardian (DeploymentPro agent) may present a blank box for the email address when confirming credentials (depending on OS and Outlook version). The UPN will need to be entered to complete successfully.