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How can I clear the cached identity used by DMA?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:34 AM
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​How can I clear the cached identity used by DMA?



The following file needs to be deleted on the end users' machines: %localappdata%/BitTitan/DeviceManagementAgent/usercache.json

Once completed, the users can then be added again to MSPComplete, by following one of the methods documented in KB005424.

Note: When DMA has been deployed to end user machines, these end users can be added at the customer level by selecting the Users tab, and then clicking on the Add Users button, followed by Add Users through Device Management.


Here are some examples of when clearing the cached identity would be useful:

  • DMA could have been deployed via email, with the token embedded in it, but then it was decided to use an Active Directory (AD) lookup to determine the user identities.
  • There was a mapping error and the bad mappings need to be cleared.