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How are Starred, Important, and items sent with High Importance handled when migrating from Google to Exchange?

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:35 AM
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How are "Starred", "Important", and items sent with "High Importance" handled when migrating from Google to Exchange?



Any items designated with a 'Starred', 'Important', or items that have a 'High Importance' tag that was set from an email client that supports a 'High Importance' designation have unique behaviors when being migrated from Google to Exchange.


Starred Items:  Items marked as 'Starred' will have a red flag designation in the destination mailbox, indicating that this item was marked for follow-up.

High Importance Items:  Items sent with 'High Importance' through an email client will have that status maintained during the migration.

Important Items: Items marked as 'Important' will have no discernable markings within the destination mailbox.  These items will display as ​​a normal mail item.



When migrating items from Google, if there are any tags associated with the item, those tags will supersede any other labels that may be associated with it.