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Getting started with MSPComplete

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:34 AM
This article has been moved to our new Help Center. Please update your bookmarks.

​​​​MSPComplete is your end-to-end solution for delivering managed IT services. This article guides you toward the informational resources you’ll need to use MSPComplete to its full potential.​

Sections in this article:



First, learn the basics of what MSPComplete does, how it’s laid out, and how it operates. After you have covered these basics, you’ll be ready to dive deeper.




Overview of major features. Read this to get a sense of how you can use MSPComplete within your organization.

Interface tour

Interface walkthrough that illustrates the panes, navigation elements, and forms used to enter information.



Hands-on tutorial that introduces you to the basic features of MSPComplete, from setting up a customer to running a service.

Subscriptions FAQ

Answers to questions about the subscription billing model.

What’s new​

Information for MigrationWiz users about updating practices to use MSPComplete effectively.


Explanation of terms used in the interface.


Master list of MSPComplete articles, a useful reference for finding specific information.


People and accounts

MSPComplete is a multi-user system that all the IT professionals in your organization can use collaboratively: Introduction to managing your account

From the articles listed in this landing page, you’ll learn how to:

  • Invite coworkers to join MSPComplete.
  • Organize people into teams to aid with service delivery.
  • Set up a billing method for purchasing subscriptions.
  • Purchase subscriptions and assign them to users.
  • View information about the state of service delivery.


Customers and users

With your team in place, you’re ready to add customers: Introduction to managing your customers

Using the articles linked to this landing page, you’ll learn how to:

  • Bring on a new customer, using a variety of methods for creating user records.
  • Combine a customer’s users into groups to facilitate service delivery.
  • Create endpoints to upload customer information and manage cloud-based services.
  • View resource utilization information gathered from customer computers.


Services and tasks

You’ve assembled your team, you’ve brought customers onboard, now it’s time to get down to work: Introduction to services and tasks

From these articles, you’ll understand how to:

  • Plan service delivery effectively.
  • Schedule tasks and run services.
  • Save service and task assignments in templates for easy reuse.
  • Create and document your own customized services.
  • View the pending service tasks assigned to your IT professionals.


Computers, resources, and gateways

MSPComplete not only enables cloud-based services, it allows you to evaluate your customers’ devices: Introduction to Device Management

These articles explain how to:

  • Deploy the Device Management Agent to customer hardware.
  • Gather statistics on hardware inventory, operating systems, and browser versions.
  • Receive alerts about resource management before hardware problems become critical.
  • Evaluate customer resources to help ensure that cloud migrations go smoothly.