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Concierge FAQ

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:31 AM
This article has been moved to our new Help Center. Please update your bookmarks.

​​​​​​​Concierge FAQ


BitTitan Concierge is a fully white-labeled user help desk for the customers of participating Partners that eliminates the need for full-time support staff. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


What are the service boundaries for FAQ Support?

The specific service boundaries for FAQ Support can be found in the Service Description documentation that Partners receive when they sign up for Concierge.


What are the service boundaries for Office 365 support?

The specific service boundaries for Office 365 support can be found in the Service Description documentation that Partners receive when they sign up for Concierge.


What is the FAQ site, and how do I use the FAQ site for FAQ Support?

The FAQ site is the place where Partners provide the Concierge help desk team with specific troubleshooting information about common issues a Partner's end users may encounter. When a Partner's end user calls in for support, the FAQ Support help desk team will use the content in that Partner's FAQ to help resolve the customer's issue. If that FAQ does not address the issue, the help desk team will then search online to help the customer. If they still cannot find a resolution, they will escalate the ticket to the Partner. The best practice is for Partners to create an FAQ for the issues that may get escalated, so that Partners only have to address and resolve the issue once. When Partners have created FAQ items for an issue, the next end user who calls in with that issue will be provided with the resolution, and the escalation process will not be necessary.

On the FAQ site, Partners have a dedicated folder where FAQs or Knowledge Base articles can be written and stored.

To create a new FAQ article:

  • Click on New, then click on FAQ Template. Create the title, write the steps to resolution, and include links to any other relevant articles in the existing FAQ documentation.



To change the title of an FAQ, click in the black header and type in a revised title.


concierge 2.png 


The FAQ content is automatically saved when changes are made.


Is there a full Service Description document that details exactly what is--and what is not--supported under Concierge?

Yes. The Service Description can be found here. ​


The Onboarding information says there will be a price quote. What is the price, and is there a minimum for users per month?

There is no minimum for users per month. Note: The Office 365 support options include the FAQ Support option and the Desktop and Mobile Device support includes the Office 365 and FAQ support services. 

The pricing for Concierge service is as follows:

  • For the 24/7 support options, the monthly Partner prices (with the annual agreement) are as follows:
    • The 24/7 FAQ Support option is $1.99 per user, per month.
    • The 24/7 Office 365 Support add-on for Office 365 plans with Office Pro Plus (Business Premium, E3 and E5) is $4.59 per user, per month.
    • The 24/7 Office 365 Support add-on for Office 365 plans without Office Pro Plus (Business, Business Essentials, E1, EOP1, EOP2) is $2.99 per user, per month. 
    • The 24x7 Desktop and Mobile Support is $17.50 per user, per month.


How do we ensure business continuity? What if there is a natural disaster near your call center?

BitTitan Concierge has a distributed workforce throughout the United States, so if a part of the country experiences a natural disaster, we can shift the workload to other, unaffected regions.


Is FAQ Support included in Office 365 Support?

Yes. The FAQ Support help desk package is included in the Office 365 Support packages.


How does Concierge validate that a user has the permissions necessary to contact help desk for support?

During the Customer Onboarding phase, you will provide us with a list of specific information for all of your users: first names, last names, email addresses, phone numbers, and job titles. When a user calls for support, we will verify their identity by asking for their email address.


Will the same help desk representative(s) be assigned to each Partner company? Or will it be different representatives each time any of my users call for support?

Based on the scale at which we need to operate, and the global 24/7 coverage we provide, we cannot provide dedicated agents to your company's help desk.


What is the difference between BitTitan Concierge support and the support I receive from Microsoft?

The biggest difference is that Microsoft only supports admins, rather than end users. With Concierge, any end user can call our support at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Concierge support agents take calls directly from your end users, and answer "How-to" questions about Office Pro Plus and Office 365 services. They can also establish remote desktop sessions with end users' machines to help resolve issues.

What remote desktop management software is used by Concierge support?



How does Concierge Support remotely control end user desktops during a support session?

The Concierge Support Staff uses a remote support tool on the end user's machine. End users are directed to go to​, and enter their case number.​ After the case number has been submitted, the website prompts the user to run the Concierge remote control software. When it runs, the software contacts Support. The software also offers to uninstall itself at the end of the session.

What asset management software is used by Concierge support?

Concierge does not offer asset management services. However, BitTitan partners can use the Device Management service within MSPComplete to manage their customer's assets. Read the What is Device Management? article for more information.

​Can a single Concierge customer have different types of Concierge licenses? For example, in a ten-user company, can five users have FAQ Support only, and another five users have Office 365 Support?
Yes. Every end user in the company must have a Concierge license of some type. If a user has an Office 365 license, they must purchase Office 365 Support.

Does every user in the company have to have a Concierge license?
Yes. Every user in the company needs to have a Concierge license.


What are the SLAs for Concierge support?
Concierge support SLAs meet current industry standards:
  • Phone support: 80/120 (80% of the time, Concierge support agents will answer the phone within 120 seconds).
  • Email support: Concierge support agents will respond to email within 24 hours.