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Box to Dropbox Migration Guide

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:33 AM
This article has been moved to our new Help Center. Please update your bookmarks.

​Box to Dropbox Migration Guide

Important: When you sign in to MigrationWiz, you are redirected to the Getting Started page in MSPComplete. To get to a migration project created before April 4, 2017, click the Go to Projects button on the Getting Started Page. To create a new project for the migration scenario documented in this article, click the waffle icon (waffle.png) in the top navigation bar of MSPComplete, and select the appropriate migration product.



  • This is the complete onboarding task flow for migrating folders and documents from Box to Dropbox.
  • Complete each step in order. Links to corresponding Knowledge Base articles are provided.
  • The Box to Dropbox document migration walk-through video provides a quick demonstration of how you can easily migrate documents from Box to Dropbox Business using the steps in this migration guide.

Prepare Source Environment (Box)

  1. Create a Box user account that will be used for the migration, and grant main or co-admin privileges to the user. KB005080
  2. Create a list of the Box user accounts that need to be migrated from the Source. You can do this by exporting the list of Box user accounts to a CSV file. Steps: From the admin console, click on the Users and Groups icon. Under the Managed Users tab, click on Export Users. KB005553

Prepare Destination Environment (Dropbox)

  1. Create a Dropbox user account that will be used for the migration, and grant team admin privileges to the user. Follow the instructions in the Add Tiered Admins article from Dropbox.
  2. Create the new Dropbox user accounts. Follow the instructions in the Invite your Team article from Dropbox.

    Note: You must wait for all new users to accept their Dropbox invitations before starting the migration.

MSPComplete Steps

  1. Create the customer. KB005421
  2. Create the Box Source and Dropbox Destination endpoints. KB005427
  3. Purchase licenses. From your MSPComplete dashboard, click Purchase > Document Migration > Select MigrationWiz-Document and enter the number of licenses you wish to purchase.

    Note: Check to see if there are any available bundles for discounts (e.g., MigrationWiz-Mailbox and Document bundle). KB004647

MigrationWiz Steps

  1. Create the Document Migration project. KB005070
    • Create the Document Migration project > Select the customer > Select Source endpoint (Box) > Select Destination endpoint (Dropbox).

      Note: You will be prompted to enter admin credentials for the Source (Box) and Destination (Dropbox) endpoints.
  2. Add the accounts (items) that will be migrated to the project. KB004842
  3. Set Project Advanced Options. KB004834
    • Set the value for maximum licenses to consume per item, per pass. The default value is one license per user, which allows up to 10GB to be migrated per user. However, if a user has 28GB of data, the migration will pause at 10GB and you will have to assign more licenses to the user. The recommended maximum licenses to consume per user for a document migration project is five (5) licenses per user, which allows up to 50GB of data to be migrated per user. The project will only consume the number of licenses for the amount of data migrated. If a user has 28GB of data, then only three out of the five licenses will be consumed, and two licenses will remain. KB004890
    • Under Support/Support Options add:
      • InitializationTimeout=28800000 - This increases the initialization timeout window to eight hours. KB005099
      • FolderLimit=20000 - This increases the maximum number of folders for the migration to 20,000. Large companies might have more than 10,000 folders (the default) to migrate, so we recommend increasing the folder limit to 20,000. KB005557
  4. Run Verify Credentials. KB004511
  5. Notify users that a migration is occurring. Send email to all users, letting them know the time and date of the migration. During this time, they should not modify any documents in their Box accounts, because any modifications will not be included in the migration.
  6. Perform the migration using one of the following strategies:
    • For small migration projects that are less than 50 users, we recommend a Big Bang Migration strategy. This is a single, full-pass migration.
      • Steps for a Full Migration pass:
        • Select the users > From the top navigation, click on the Start button > From the drop-down list, select Full Migration > Click on the Start Migration button. KB004938
    • For large migration projects that are more than 50 users, we recommend a Pre-Stage Migration strategy. This is a multiple pass migration.
      • Steps for a Pre-Stage Migration:
        • Pre-Stage pass: Select the users > Click on the Start button from the top, and select Pre-Stage Migration > Under the Migration Scheduling section, from the drop-down list, select 90 days ago > Click on Start Migration. KB004938
        • Full (Delta) pass: Select the users > Click on the Start button from the top, and select Full Migration > Click on Start Migration. KB004938
  7. Click on the pie chart icon in the MigrationWiz dashboard to receive an email containing all the project migration statistics. KB004626

Post-Migration Step

To prevent users from inadvertently logging in and using their Box accounts, decommission the Box user accounts, or change their passwords.