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AMS Prerequisites

Last Update: 7/21/2017 11:32 AM
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​​AMS Prerequisites


Hardware P​rere​​quisites

Note:​​​  We recommend that you disable all a​rchiving tasks before migrating.

Hardware requirements that support Archive Migration Service: 

Migration Application Server​​

​Number of servers​1
​Server type​Virtual or physical
​Operating system​Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit or greater
​CPU​16 cores
​RAM​16 GB
​HDD 1 (OS)​40 GB
​HDD 2 (Apps, logs, temp files)​40 GB
​Export storage​​RAID 5 DAS or NAS

Migration SQL Serve​​r

​​​​While the database can be hosted on the same SQL Server as the EV SQL, this is not recommended.

​SQL Server version​SQL Server 2005 or greater; mixed-mode authentication enabled
​Database name​A2A
​Recovery model​Simple
​Initial database size​2 GB (the database will grow to about 10 GB depending on message extraction volume)
​Auto growth​10%


Softw​​are P​​rerequisites

Software requirements for the application server:

  • ​​Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Outlook Professional Plus 2010 32-bit, OR
  • Microsoft Outlook Professional Plus 2013 32-bit (not Office 365 click-to-run)
  • Disable User Account Control
  • Disable Antivirus Real Time Scanning and exclude the Apps & Migration


Use​​​rs & Permissi​​ons

Database S​ervers

  • Access to the EV databases. A SQL user (not domain user) should be configured with DATAREADER-only rights to the EV databases.
  • Access to BitTitan database.  A SQL user (not a domain user) should be configured with Database Owner rights to the BitTitan database (i.e., A2A).

Migration Server​​

The BitTitan Services need to run under the context of the EV Administration account (generally called "EVAdmin").

N​ote: ​ If the EV Admin account is not available, the following rights need to be provided to the BitTitan Service account: 

    • Read access to the EV Vault Store volumes
    • Local Admin rights to the Migration server